Born and raised in the North of Paris, France, Eli moved to Canada and made Ontario her new home 15 years ago.
Eli uses her art to represent the individuality and beauty of people, reminding them to embrace their uniqueness.
Through researching a collection of 10,000+ clouds, Eli has dedicated her life’s work to translating, with her art, the feeling of serenity and calm confidence she experiences under the clouds.
Beyond her art, Eli loves spending time in her log home and taking wild walks with her rescue dogs.
During these walks, Eli is eager to capture every shape and harmony in the sky, gazing into her camera and reveling in the peace that comes with this experience.


Fascinated by the ephemeral beauty of clouds, these once-in-a-moment wisps of nature have shaped Eli’s work. 
Each of her images is inspired by the unique contemplation and peacefulness she feels when gazing up at the sky.
Wishing to infuse emotions into the world, she channels those feelings of serenity and positivity into her work to share with others.
Taking the time to gaze at one small snapshot of the sky at a time inspires viewers to appreciate the depth and poetry our world has to offer.
Starting with the photographs she captures of the sky and using images from her accumulated collection, she then chooses the perfect balance of shape and sentiment; digitally manipulating the piece to bring out the perfect balance of color, mood, and emotion.
As an artist, Eli aims to communicate and accentuate the limitless scale of beauty that the sky holds.
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